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Tea Story

Preparing good herbal infusion and tea is a pleasure and ritual marking the end of the day and helping to relax. Herbal teas have a number of therapeutic properties: alleviate pain, strengthen the body, boosting the energy and immune system. They are shown to have sleep-enhancing properties and hypnotic effects, moreover fight mild ailments and helping to improve digestion. Besides, they are tasty, refreshing and effectively quenching the thirst. The ancient Greeks and Romans drank herbal teas, which gradually gained the reputation of medicinal beverages and became increasingly popular. In the Middle Ages people attributed herbs to magical properties, believing, for example, that they give immortality and improve fertility in women.  Later, with the advent of conventional medicine, herbal teas were suppressed by drugs.   Nowadays, we are returning to the natural ways of fighting everyday ailments. Herbal preparations not only cure, but are also gentle for our body, they are cheap and easy to make. Ingridients for jaga herbs teas are easy to find on meadows or in the garden. If you do not have the ability to savor wild herbs and fruits, you can buy them at jaga herbs shop and have the confidence of high quality organic products. In spite of all, a careful precaution against the use of herbs is recommended, for example pregnant women or people with certain diseases should avoid the selected herbs. Besides, the seriously sick should consult the doctor before searching for herbal teas and other herbs.